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Kumite seminar, Sevlievo on 11 and 12.01.2014
       On the 11th and 12th of January, 2014, in Sevlievo was held a kumite seminar in Shinkyokushin karate for juniors and kadets with the participation of the competitors of SC "Kyokushin" Shumen and SC "Kyokushin" Sevlievo. There were two training sessions per day focused on sparring and conditional fighting. The young talents of both clubs were showed the main aspects of conditional training.
     The kumite seminar was under the leadership of sensei Tihomir Totev - III dan and sensei Daniel Dimitrov - III dan. Training flew by in friendly and hearty atmosphere, much experience was shared between the instructors and the competitors and everyone wished eachother good luck on the tatami during the new competitive year.
     The competitors of SC "Kyokushin" Shumen continue their preparation for the upcoming National championships in Shinkyokushin karate for juniors and men and women, which will start off the sports calendar of the Bulgarian Shinkyokushin Karate Federation.
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Ceremonial news
       On 06.12.2013 at 12:00 in the Sports chamber in Sofia was held the General meeting of the National Bulgarian Karate Federation. Before that on the official pressconference was held a ceremony announcing the club rankings from competitions fo the National Sporst Calendar for 2013, the best competitors and the best coaches.
     In WKO - Shinkyokushinkai in the club standings first place is held by ASKC "Trakia" Plovdiv, second for SC "Bushido" Nesebar and third for SC "Kyokushin" Shumen.
     Thanks to her success of the past year on the ceremony, dedicated to the 10 best athletes of the Municipality of Shumen, which was held on 19.12.2013 in the "Mladezhki" hall, the european runner-up Ivelina Petrova was named Number One athlete for 2013. Sensei Daniel Dimitrov was named for the fifth time the Number One coach. Two more competitors of SC "Kyokushin" Shumen found their place among the prized 10 - the European bronze medalist Dzhaner Shukri and the club's most celebrated fighter Bogomil Tiholov, who during 2013 became republican champion for the ninth time.
     On 28.12.2013 in the "Peti Kilometar" restaurant was held the traditional Christmas celebration of the competitors of SC "Kyokushin" Shumen. In this wondrous event around the christmas tree participated close to 140 Shinkyokushin karatekas of Shumen and the branch-clubs in Veliki Preslav and Tzarev brod, together with their parents and senpai. Sensei Daniel Dimitrov awarded an honorary plaque to Mr. Rossen Raikov and then moved on to the awards for those, who performed best in 2013:
     1.Bogomil Tiholov in men
     2.Ivelina Petrova in juniors
     3.Osman Osman in juniors
     4.Dzhaner Shukri in kadets
     5.Ivelina Petrova in kadets
     6.Gunai Galibov in children up to 14 years
     7.Dian Petkov in children up to 14 years
     8.Engin Mustafa in children up to 12 years
     9.Ioana Terzieva in children up to 10 years
     10.Kaloian Kolev in children up to 10 years
as well as the competitors, making the best debut in this year: Petar Aleksandrov and Ivanina Petkova.
     Honorary guests of the event were long-time friends of Shumen's karatekas - Plamen Georgiev and Panaiot Kaludov, the latter once again embodying Santa Claus and handing out presents to everyone, young and old. Everybody had a bite of the banitsa with christmas charms as well as take part of many fun games. And so in joy and happiness with a lot of dance and song, as a big and happy family the karatekas of SC "Kyokushin" Shumen waved goodbye to a very successful year, in which the competitors of the club won a total of 79 medals in all age groups from official events of the sports calendar of the Bulgarian Shinkyokushin Karate Federation. The competitors of SC "Kyokushin" Shumen added to their resume:
     European championship in Oradeia, Romania - a second and a third place
     10 republican champions
     5 republican runner-ups
     5 bronze medalists from republican championships
     From National tournaments for cups - 8 first, 13 second and 8 third places
     From Zone competitions - 7 first, 11 second and 10 third places
     The first event for the karatekas of SC "Kyokushin" Shumen of the new 2014 will be the kumite seminar for juniors and kadets in Sevlievo, after which will take place the exam for a higher level of technique /kyu/.
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Days of Japanese culture and traditional Japanese dishes, Shumen 2013
       On 8.11.2013 in the University of Shumen "Episkop Konstantin Preslavski" in Shumen was held the "Day of Japanese culture" organized by Ms. Noriko Ishimaru.
     The event was started off by a tea ceremony. After that followed a presentation about the legend of senbadzuru (1000 paper cranes), a presentation on origami, as well as actually making origami. There was also a demonstration in putting on a kimono and finally - ikebana.
     In this event, organized by the teacher of the course in Japanese language and culture of UoS - Ms. Noriko Ishimaru, took part students of the group and friends of the japanese culture.
     On 13.12.2013 in the University of Shumen "Episkop Konstantin Preslavski" in Shumen once again took place the "Day of Japanese culture" organized by Ms. Noriko Ishimaru.
     This time the main focus was on preparing the traditional japanese dish - udon and a presentation on the earthquake of 11.03.2011.
     Once again the students of the UoS group in japanese language as well as friends of the japanese culture took part with great interest in preparing the food, making for a great atmosphere and a great event.
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