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Romanian Open European Cup for Juniors and Cadets, Arad- Romanian 13.10.2012
       On 13.10.2012 in the EXPO ARAD INTERNATIONAL CENTER in Arad, Romania was held the European tournament - ROMANIAN OPEN EUROPEAN CUP in Shinkyokushin karate for kadets and seniors. For a consecutive year the competitors of SC "Kyokushin" Shumen made a memorable impression in this great forum. Shumen's karatekas won 3 silver and 3 bronze medals in both age categories.
     In the kadets 45kg category an excellent debut in international competition was made by Dzaner Shukri, who in his semifinal knocked his opponent out with chudan mawashi geri and in his final was the better fighter, but the refereeing helped only his opponent. In regular time our fighter was a hair away from victory with mawashi or ipon, but the gong saved his adversary. In extra time Dzaner again showed he was better, but the referees decided on an equal match and it went to weight decision, which his opponent won by being 3 kilograms lighter.
     In the kadets 55kg category Ivelina Petrova made a great performance, showing excellent fighting in her semifinal against her croatian opponent. In her final she faced another bulgarian competitor in the category - Darina Mihova from SC "Kyokushin" Dimitrovgrad and the international experience of Darina helped her against our fighter, who lost by decision.
     The last silver medal was won by Osman Osman in the seniors 65kg category.
     Bronze medals were won by:
     1.Mark Chervenkov in the kadets 70kg category, who in his quarterfinal crushed his opponent, winning with avasete ipon after a very strong low kick, but unfortunately our fighter suffered a heavy injury to his ankle and lost his semifinal by decision to the other bulgarian competitor in the category, Artemii Dobrinin from "Burgas Dojo" Burgas.
     2.Dimitar Hadziev in the kadets 65kg category, who made a great debut on the international tatami.
     3.Vanio Valchanov in seniors, who fought in very attractive matches.
     The last debut for Shumen's team was that of Plamen Rusev, who was in the kadets 50kg category and although not winning a medal, he fought very well. He was added to the team late and was forced to lose a lot of weight to make it into his category.
     Sponsors of Shumen's team for the European tournament ROMANIAN OPEN EUROPEAN CUP were: Municipality of Shumen, Mr. Latif Sali Satif, "Strongstroi" Ltd. with chairman Mr. Niazi Ahmed and "Ultima" Ltd.
     Shumen's karatekas heartedly thank their friends for their help, for without it they wouldn't be able to participate in such a strong event.
     The competitors of SC "Kyokushin" Shumen continue their preparation for the upcoming "Bulgaria" cup for children of to 10 and up to 14 years of age, which will take place on the 21st of October in the "Dunav" hall in Russe.
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Training camp in the town of Pomorie on 29.08-02.09.2012
        From 29.08.2012 to 02.09.2012 thirty competitors of SC "Kyokushin" Shumen underwent a training camp in Pomorie. Trainings were led in two sessions by senpai Daniel Dimitrov - IInd dan /senior instructor of the club/, senpai Stoian Obretenov - IInd dan /chairman of the club/, senpai Milen Milanov and senpai Aidan Ahmed /instructor in the branch of the club in OU "St. st. Kiril and Methodii" in Tzarev Brod/.
     The first training session started early in the morning with a lenghty cross run on the sands, then in the main part of training the competitors, divided in the groups, practiced the three components of Shinkyokushin - kihon, kata and kumite. The second training session was for the team of SC "Kyokushin" Shumen that is preparing for the European Cup - ROMANIAN OPEN EUROPEAN CUP, which will take place in the beginning of October in Arad, Romania. It was fully focused on kumite and conditional training. After dinner Shumen's karatekas watched videotapes of international competitions in Shinkyokushin karate. There was ofcourse enough time for beach fun and games, which brought the participants closer together as a group, from the youngest to the oldest.
     The next event for the competitors of SC "Kyokushin" Shumen will be the training camp for kadets and seniors, which will be held on 08.09.2012 in Novi Pazar. It will be sparring focused and a part of the preparation for the European cup in Romania.
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On 02/08/2012 years

Death do us part with Zahar Dmitrievich Kichuk.

National champion for 2009;
Bronze medalist ROMANIAN OPEN-EUROPEAN CUP 2010 in the city of Arad, Romania;
Gold Medal of the National tournament for the "Plovdiv", Plovdiv 2010

Tribute to his memory bright.
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