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The National Championships for kids 10 and under and youths 14 and under, Plovdiv 07.04.2012
        On 07.04.2012 at the hall of „Olympiada”- Plovdiv city, the National Karate Shinkyokushin Championships for kids 10 and under and youths 14 and under took place. The competition was especially strong and the young hopes of the Bulgarian Shinkyokushin Karate Federation from clubs all over the country took part. The team of SC „Kyokushin”- Shumen city scored a mighty presentation, conquering 2 gold, 2 silver and 7 bronze medals, while the participant from the club of Shoumen, Djaner Shukri was chosen for a most technical competitor in youth 14 and below by the jury’s decision.
     The title of Republican Champion was claimed by:
          1. Djaner Shukri, who gave no chance to his competitors in youth 14 and under, in the 54kg and under category, winning his duel in the Round of 16 with an awasette ippon with a choohdan mawashi gerri, on the semi-finals knocked his opponent out with a shita ski, and on the finals he overcame his opponent with an ippon /knockout/ again with a choohdan mawashi gerri.
          2. Allie Alliev, who delighted the entire team of Shoumen with his excellently played games in the kids 10 and under and weight 43 kg and over categories, winning his Round of 16 match against Gallin Jewmakov from SC „Hammon”- Asenovgrad city, graded ippon after a very powerful low kick, and in his semi-final match defeated Milan Bogdanski of SC „Ishinkan”- Blagoevgrad with a wasaari after a perfectly placed choohdan mae gerri, on the finals faced once again a competitor of Asenovgrad, beating with another ippon grade, also thanks to his powerful low kick.
     Vicerepublican champions became:
          1. Pervin Yuseinova in kids 10 and under, 32 kg and under.
          2. Dean Petkov in kids 14 and under, 39 kg and under.
     Bronze medals deserved:
          1. Barush Jelil in kids 10 and under.
          2. Kaloyan Kolev in kids 10 and under.
          3. Yoana Terzieva in kids 10 and under.
          4. Gewnai Galibov in kids 10 and under.
          5. Kaan Shukri in kids 10 and under.
          6. Roberto Vasilev in kids 10 and under.
          7. Janeta Ruseva in kids 10 and under.
     A strong debut on the National Championship was carried out by Ivan Ivanov in kids 10 and under, 26 kg and under, winning his first match with an awasette ippon grade after two very well placed executions of jodan mawashi geri.
     For half of the competitors from Shoumen this was their first participation in a National Championship and the management of SC „Kyokushin”- Shumen city notes their presentation as quite successful.
     The competitors of SC „Kyokushin”- Shumen city were able to participate in the National Championships for kids 10 and under and youths 14 and under thanks to the timely assistance of the Province of Shoumen Municipality.
     Shumen’s karate fighters resume their preparation for the National Shinkyokushin Karate Championships for kids 12 and under and juniors, which will take place in the city of Sofia and ÌÒ of the „Madarski Konnik Cup”,which will take place at the end of April in „ Mladost” hall.
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The National championship for juniors, Plovdiv 24.03.2012
       On 24.03.2012 in Plovdiv was held the National championship in Shinkyokushin karate for juniors. The championship was also a qualification for the juniors’ National team which was a source of additional motivation for the competitors. The audience could thus witness a multitude of very strong and attractive matches, many of which ended with vazaari or ippon. SC "Kyokushin" - Shumen's team made an excellent performance, winning 3 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze medals in kumite and kata.
     The prize for best technique in this age group was attributed to the young Shumen citizens Georgi Yordanov and Ivelina Petrova.
      In juniors up to 55 kg Ivelina Petrova became republican champion. She won the semi-final against Aleksandrina Atanasova from SC “Tornado”, Pazardjik with the grade avasete ippon after a shita ski. During her final match she bet with ippon the much more experienced Denitsa Georgieva from CBI ”Bushido”, Nessebar. Ivelina is still competing in cadets and therefore her victory brought a lot of joy to the whole Shumen team.
      In juniors up to 75 kg Georgi Yordanov gave no chance for victory to his opponents. He won his semi-final with the grade ippon after a very strong shita ski. At his final match he deservingly won with ippon after a very precise chudan mawashi geri.
      Osman Osman won the other gold medal for the Shumen team in category up to 65 kg. He won two of his matches with the grade vazaari.
      The National championship was an excellent debut for Dimitar Hadjiev in cadets. At the second round he won over the more experienced Egor Tanilian from ASCC Trakia Plovdiv. At the semi-final he defeated Lyobomir Bossakov from SC “Tornado” Pazardjik after a very strong low kick. In the final match Mitko’s lack of experience determined the outcome and he was attributed the silver medal.
      In juniors vice-republican champion in kata became Simona Stoyanova who came back to the tatami after a very heavy injury in the knee.
      The bronze medal in juniors up to 60 kg was attributed to Vanio Valchanov.
      The competitors from SK Kyokushin – Shumen continue their preparation for the upcoming National championship in Shinkyokushin karate for children up to 10 and 14 years of age which will be held on 07.04.2012 In Plovdiv.
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The National championship for men and women in kumite and kata, Sevlievo 2012
      On 11.03.2012 in Dan Kolov Hall in the town of Sevlievo was held the National Shinkyokushin karate championship for men and women in kumite and kata.

      The championship was very strong and competitors from clubs all over the country took part in it. The public could witness a multitude of close and attractive matches. A great part of them ended with the grades vazaari or ippon. The competitors from SC Kyokushin Shumen performed very well

      The president of the club, sempai Stoyan Obreteonov II dan, won the silver medal in kata. This competition was organized according to the Japanese grade system with flags and direct elimination.

      Petromil Stefanov in men up to 70 kg category made a very good debut. A heavy lot matched him against Miroslav Nikolov from “Kanku-kai” Sofia right at the second round. The match was a very heavy and equal one. Not before the end of the regular time and two periods could the more experienced competitor from Sofia dominate his opponent. Petromil showed however that he has enough qualities to make a better performance at the next competitions.

      The contestants of SC Kyokushin - Shumen continue their trainings for the following National Competition for juniors in kumite and kata, which will take place in “Olimpiada” Hall, Plovdiv on 26.03.2012.
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