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The Republican championship in Shinkyokushin karate for kadets in kata and kumite, Sevlievo 2010
              On 21.02.2010 in the "Dan Kolov" hall in Sevlievo was held the Republican championship in Shinkyokushin karate for kadets in kata and kumite. The competition was very strong and in it took part the young talents of the Bulgarian Karate-do Kyokushin Federation, representing clubs from the whole country.
An excellent achievement was made by the competitors of SC "Kyokushin" - Shumen, who won 1 gold and 4 bronze medals. Bogomil Tiholov won first place in the 55kg category by convincingly defeated his opponents, taking his semifinals and finals with vazzari, after a strong series of fists. In his semifinals, his opponent was taken out in the ninth second of match and in his final Bogomil was inadvertently and badly fouled. Despite his pain and with his great fighting spirit, Shumen's karateka was able to win and become republican champion for the seventh time.
       In the same category a bronze medal was won by another of Shumen's competitors - Iordan Georgiev, who in his quarterfinals won his match with a well placed jodan mae geri, which brought him vazaari. The karateka also performed well in kata, placing third there as well.
       The other bronze medals for Shumen's club were won by Osman Osman in the 60kg category and by Georgi Iordanov in the 70kg category. Both competitors fought in a lower age group and this was a good achievement and a lot of experience. Georgi Iordanov was very close to his final match, but mere days before the event he went through a virus infection, which had a great negative influence on his condition for the tournament.
        The competitors of SC "Kyokushin" - Shumen continue their training for the upcoming Republican championship for men and women, which will take place on 06.03.2010 in Dimitrovgrad.
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examination for a higher technical level /kyu/ in Shinkyokushin karate, Shumen 2010
              On 22.01.2010 SC "Kyokushin" - Shumen hosted the examination for a higher technical level /kyu/ in Shinkyokushin karate. In these heavy trials were tested over a hundred karatekas from Shumen, Novi Pazar, Veliki Preslav and Tsarev Brod. The examiners were:
        Sensei Valeri Dimitrov - 3rd dan /seven-time european champion and two-time world champion in the 80kg and +80kg categories, bronze medalist of the World championship in the absolute category in 2007/, sensei Dimitar Trampov - 3rd dan /one of the most experienced competitors of the BKKF with many titles from European tournaments/, senpai Stoian Obretenov - 1st dan, senpai Ivan Bezus - 1st dan and senpai Daniel Dimitrov - 1st dan.
The examination contained the three main components of Shinkyokushin karate - kihon, kata and kumite, as well as an incredibly difficult physical test. All of the participants were successful, showing great technical growth, strong fighting spirit and excellent physical preparation.
      The competitors of SC "Kyokushin" - Shumen continue their training for the upcoming Republican tournament for kadets, which will take place on 20.02.2010 in Sevlievo.
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SC "Kyokushin" - Shumen visited the city of Oradeia - Romania
              On the 15th, 16th and 17th of January this year two representatives of SC "Kyokushin" - Shumen visited the city of Oradeia - Romania. Senpai Daniel Dimitrov and senpai Stoian Obretenov have been there twice before, in this town where also are the headquarters of the Romanian Karate Kyokushin /Shinkyokushin/ Federation. They were invited by sensei Anka Wolmen - chairman of the Federation and of the largest kyokushin club in Romania.
Two were the goals of this visit - to attend a training session in kata and to send a personal invitation to the headquarters of the romanian federation for participation in the international karate kyokushin tournament for men and women "Madarski Konnik", which will take place on 14.04.2010 in Shumen. The visit was successful and beneficial.
       Under the leadership of sensei Anka Wolmen were held three training sessions in kata, during which the bulgarian karatekas could taste the experience of this exceptional romanian competitor and trainer. Shumen's senpai were also interested in the training session in kumite of the kyokushin club in Oradiea, led personally by sensei Harris Wolmen - the coach of the romanian national team. The invitation to participate in the international tournament in Shumen was graciously accepted by the romanian karatekas.
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