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4th World Cup, Russia 2009
              A journey to Russia, a dream come true to some, an obstacle that needs to be overcome for others. And for some just a high rank competition, in which they would never take part. The road to Russia is filled with emotions, alternating moods and at the same time, a great opportunity for the young karatekas of Bulgaria, who come in as a part of the European team.
The fourth World Cup in Shinkyokushin karate, for the first time in Russia and away from Japan (the land of the Rising Sun). There were competitors from all over the world - all of which were sent individual invitations, received on the basis of their standings in the last two years. A total of 48 women and 96 men stepped on the tatami, intending to win. Some were eliminated in the first round, others in the second and the last ones were able to reach the coveted three top places and engrave their name in the history of Shinkyokushin.
Representing our home country were 5 karatekas - sensei Valeri Dimitrov, sensei Dimitar St. Popov, sensei Elena Bashkehaiova, sensei Gergana Dimitrova and later an invitation was sent to senpai Tsvetelina Marinova. It was very dissapointing that only three of our competitors were able to battle for the World Cup in St. Petersburg. They were (in the following categories): sensei Valeri Dimitrov (+80kg), sensei Elena Bashkehaiova (55kg) and senpai Tsvetelina Marinova (+65kg).
      We are proud to call ourselves Bulgarians and commited to the success of our karatekas, happy that they came home without injuries and in excellent health. But even happier we are for Valeri Dimitrov, who once again took a place in the history of Shinkyokushin, becoming the World champion for the second time. Battling in 5 matches agains opponents from Costa Rica, two competitors from the hosting country, Kazachstan and Japan. Again on the tatami stepped the calm Valeri Dimitrov, winning his fights in regular time. Until now such a success was unheard of in bulgarian Kyokushin. Seven times European champion, twice World champion in two different categories and third in the absolute category. Pride and joy are for all those, who are a part of the world of Kyokushin, for people who know how these accomplishments are made, who know how hard the road every competitor takes is - sweat and consistency in the dojo, deprivations and thoughts of development, knowing and improving yourself.
To our enjoyment sensei Elena Bashkehaiova also entered the ranks, but after two losses in a row from japanese opponents, she won fourth place. It was her dream to visit Russia and combining pleasure with competition gave a good result and she battled in 4 matches - two wins against karatekas from Brazil and Russia and two losses from Japan, which were on a contestable judge's decisions.
A step upwards made senpai Tsvetelina Marinova with her part in the World Cup, because with her nothing was certain. She was the reserve for the European team and it was difficult to compete on this tournament. Despite the obstacles she received an invitation, but could not make it past the first round and was eliminated. Painful for her, for the team and for Shinkyokushin itself, because everyone agreed that Tsvetelina didn't fight at 100% and couldn't unleash her potential. It is very hard, when you get to the top(competing for the World Cup) and then falling off, but one must learn to accept defeat and continue forward, to realise their mistakes and do everything you can so that it never happens again, to be appreciated by your teammates and give it your all to help them go farther and higher, to reach the coveted three.
      All three of our karatekas made great effort to reach the World Cup itself and thanks to their hard work and the work of the trainers, teammates and everyone else who helped in one way or another were achieved these results. We sincerely thank everyone, who has given up a minute of their time for the competitors and let us wish their next achievement for Bulgaria to be much greater, with higher rankings and may everyone keep following the way of Shinkyokushin!
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News Summary 2009
              During the first half of 2009 the karatekas of SK "Kyokushin" - Shumen made an excellent performance, so far they have won a total of 45 medals in all age groups of official competitions in the Bulgarian Karate-Do Kyokushin Federation's sport calendar. The trainees of Shumen had a strong presence in the European Kyokushin Karate championship, which was held on the 3rd and 4th of April in Kiev, Ukraina. Bogomil Tiholov made a great debut in the 55kg juniors category, winning hsi quarterfinal by knocking his opponent from Litva out with chudan mawashi geri for less than a minute. In his semifinal he faced a competitor from the hosting country and after a very close fight the match went to the ukrainian karateka. The young man from Shumen was one the youngest and lightest competitors in the European championship/his personal weight is 51kg/, but he gained incredibly useful experience, showing that he has the qualities to fight for a stronger rank next year.
       The rough pairings in the 55kg women category faced Diana Laleva in the very first round against the much more experienced Rita Pivoriunaite from Litva and after a hard battle our competitor lost by a little to her more famous opponent.
The greatest joy was brought by Tsvetelina Marinova, who won second place in the +65kg category and on the 20th of July, 2009 will take part in the World Cup in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Of the competitors of SK "Kyokushin" - Shumen there are:
             9 republican champions
             5 second places and
             4 bronze medals from republican tournaments
Also achieved were two third places in the republican tournament for the Madarski Konnik Cup, 10 first, 7 second and 8 third places in the Zone competition.
Republican champions became:
             1.Zahar Kichuk - senior boys
             2.Djanet Dimitrova - senior girls
             3.Georgi Iordanov - junior boys
             4.Bogomil Tiholov - junior boys, for who this was the sixth republican title
             5.Djaner Shukri - age of 12
             6.Mario Vladimirov - age of 12
             7.Aleksandar Bachev - age of 10
             8.Emil Bachev - age of 10
             9.Dian Petkov - age of 10
Republican runner-ups are:
             1.Stoian Obretenov - men, kata
             2.Iordan Georgiev - senior boys
             3.Mark Chervenkov - age of 12
             4.Kaloian Georgiev - age of 12
             5.Dimitar Dimitrov - age of 12
Bronze medals were won by:
             1.Vanio Valchanov - junior boys
             2.Osman Osnam - age of 14
             3.Kaan Shukri - age of 10
             4.Simeon Grigorov - age of 10
      The competitors of SK "Kyokushin" - Shumen have an upcoming exam for a higher level of technique /kyu/ and a part in the traditional summer camp with guest instructor sensei Kensaku Yamamoto /five time champion of Japan/.
Zone Championship - Novi Pazar, 2009
             On the 06.06.2009 in Novi Pazar was held the Zone Championship in Karate Shinkyokushin in all age groups. Competitors of the clubs in North Bulgaria came face to face in 28 categories, team champion becam SK "Kyokushin" - Shumen with a total of 10 gold, 7 silver and 8 bronze medals, second placed SK "Kyokushin" - Sevlievo and third was the team of SK "Russe" - Russe.
       Champions are:
      1.Emil Bachev - children, 10 years old, 30kg.
      2.Aleksandar Bachev - children, 10 years old, 38kg.
      3.Nesrin Nedjet - children, 10 years old, 31 kg.
      4.Mario Vladimirov - children, 12 years old, 32kg.
      5.Djaner Shukri - children, 12 years old, 36 kg.
      6.Mark Chervenkov - children, 12 years old, 45kg.
      7.Ivelina Petrova - children, 12 years old, 49kg.
      8.Osman Osman - children, 14 years old, 50kg.
      9.Vanio Valchanov - junior boys, 49kg.
      10.Denis Muzikiarov - junior boys, 68kg.
      Silver medalists became:
      1.Enis Mustafov - children, 10 years old, 22kg.
      2.Radoslav Vasilev - children, 10 years old, 38 kg.
      3.Viara Petkova - children, 12 years old, 49 kg.
      4.Iozdjan Redjebov - children, 14 years old, 35kg.
      5.Denislava Dimitrova - junior girls, 48kg.
      6.Simona Stoianova - children, 14 years old, 44kg.
      7.Georgi Iordanov - junior boys, +68kg.
      Bronze medals were awarded to:
Ali Aliev, Dian Petkov, Arzu Fikretova, Viktor Iulianov, Tzvetomir Genov, Kaloian Georgiev, Taifun Mehmed and Svetoslav Vasilev. Although part of the more experienced competitors of SK "Kyokushin" - Shumen were given a brake, the young talents of Shumen's club defended with dignity our city's honor and the most pleasing factor was that half of the children from Veliki Preslav, Kaspichan and Tzarev Brod made their debut and showed a impressive growth, a premise for an even better performance in the remaining tournaments. Their results represent the work of their instructors - Milen Milanov and Aidan Ahmed.
      Training sessions in karate Kyokushin are held every day from 19:00 to 21:00 in the outer gym hall of PMG "Nancho Popovich".
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