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Training bearing 2009
              On the 23 and 24.01.2009 SK “Kyokushin” – Shumen hosted a training camp, on which took part about 90 karatekas from Shumen, Novi Pazar, Veliki Preslav and Kaspichan. The training sessions were under the leadership of sensei Valeri Dimitrov /six-time European champion, World champion in 80kg category, bronze medalist on the World absolute category competiton in 2007/, sensei Gergana Atanasova /three-time European champion/ and Cvetelina Marinova /two-time European bronze medalist and six-time republican champion/.
The activities were centered on sparing and everyone that was training could feel the mastery of our national competitors, who shared a part of their great experience, helping the trainees from the heart to enrich their technical arsenal, improve their game and to have an insight into the subtleties of karate Kyokushin. At 12 o’clock, Saturday most of the participants were subjected to a difficult examination for a higher technical level /kyu/ and to the joy of the instructors, everyone successfully passed, showing a great level and good growth during the bygone year.
      The training sessions passed in friendly spirit and very hearty atmosphere and to everyone in the dojo time went by unnoticed. Valeri, Gergana and Cvetelina left unforgettable memories in the hearts of all those that had the fortune of training with them and made many new friends in Shumen that wished them luck in further competitons and may they meet again.
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Christmas party 2008
              On the date 26.12.2008 in cafe “Central” took place the traditional Christmas celebration of the competitors from SK Kyokushin Shumen. During the festivity sempai Cvetelina Marinova (the most succesful competitor to come out of the ranks of this club) and sempai Daniel Dimitrov awarded the most distinguished young karatekas of the club during the year 2008. They were the five time republican champion Bogomil Tiholov, republican champions for 2008 Georgi Iordanov and Vanio Valchanov (both of which became republican champions in kudo as well), the european runner-up for the senior girls category Diana Laleva and republican runner-up Simona Stoianova. Honored guests at the ceremony were long-time friends of the Shumen karatekas Plamen Georgiev, Jivko Jekov and Panaiot Kaludov, the latter of which successfully embodied the role of Santa Claus (this year with a black belt for the joy of the youngest) and together with Cvetelina gave out gifts to everybody present, from the children to the oldest men and women. After that everyone had a piece of the chrismas banitza with a wish inside and had a chance in the holiday raffle. With happiness and joy, as a big united family the karatekas of SK Kyokushin Shumen ended a very successful year, during which the clubs competitors won a total of 62 medals in all age categories on official competitons of the sport-calendar of the Bulgarian Karate-do Kyokushin Federation.
The Shumen competitor Diana Laleva made an excellent debut on the European championship that took place in Plovdiv during May, on which she became European runner-up in the 60kg senior girls category and then successfully defended our towns honor on the republican tournament “Madarski Konnik” cup for men and women, where she placed first in the 65 kg category and took the prize for the best technique. Another of Shumens brightest who delighted us on the European championship is Cvetelina Marinova, who for the second time became bronze medalist in the 65kg women category and took first place in the international tournament “Branko Boshliak”, which took place in Croatia during November. In their steps walks the younger generation of our club. On the Romanian Open Cup, which took place on the date 25.10.2008 in Oradeia Romania Bogomil Tiholov took first place in the 55kg category and was awarded for the best technique for junior boys. Runner-up in the same category was Iordan Georgiev and in senior boys +75kg category the bronze medal was awarded to Iordan Iordanov.
              The competitors of SK Kyokushin Shumen gathered a total of:
             4 republican champions
             7 republican runner-ups
             5 bronze medalists from RP
From republican cup tournaments they have 6 first, 9 second and 5 third places. From the Zonal competiton – 8 first, 6 second and 8 third places. Republican champions were:
             1.Djaner Shukri – age of 10 boys
             2.Vanio Valchanov – age of 14 boys
             3.Georgi Iordanov – age of 14 boys
             4.Bogomil Tiholov – junior boys and fifth republican title.
Republican runner-ups are:
             1.Diana Laleva – senior girls
             2.Iordan Iordanov – senior boys
             3.Simona Stoainova – age of 12 girls
             4.Nikola Nikolov – age of 14 boys
             5.Vaiz Vaizov – junior boys
             6.Iorgan Georgiev – junior boys
             7.Djanet Dimitrova – junior girls
Bronze medals were awarded to:
             1.Vitalii Marinov – men
             2.Diana Laleva – women
             3.Kaloian Georgiev – age of 10 boys
             4.Simona Stoianova – age of 14 girls
             5.Georgi Iordanov – junior boys
Three of Shumens best - Vanio Valchanov, Iordan Georgiev and Georgi Iordanov made an excellent debut on the first republican Kudo competiton, by becoming republican champions.
      Athlete No 1 of Municipality(Obshtina) Shumen for 2008 became European runner-up Diana Laleva, Trainer No 1 of Municipality(Obshtina) Shumen for 2008 was awarded to sempai Daniel Dimitrov. During the gone by year, SK Kyokushin celebrated its 30 year anniversary, on which members of different generations that have accomplished much for the club had the chance to come together. During 2008 our club hosted 4 competitions – Republican tournament for junior boys and girls, Republican tournament “Madarski Konnik” cup for men and women, Zonal competiton in all age categories and the “Shumenska Krepost” cup for boys and girls in age categories 10, 12 and 14. The forthcoming activities for the Shumen karatekas are the coming examination for a higher technique level (kyu) and the traditional winter training camp, which will be lead by sensei Valeri Dimitrov – 3rd dan (six time European champion, world champion in the 80kg category and third on the World championship in absolute category in 2007) and sensei Gergana Atanasova -3rd dan (three time European runner-up).
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